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My First Successful Marketing Campaign Happened When I was in High School

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

When I was in high school, I ran for student government for the first time and wanted people to see my "vote for me" posters.

The school rules were you only were allowed a limited amount, so choose your spots wisely.

Some competitors put theirs in hallways, the entrance, and around classrooms.

Not me. See, we only had two vending machines, and there was one ten minute window where the whole school would gather around these to get their fix.

This was at 3:30pm, after mid day prayer.

I printed my posters. I ducked out of prayer early. I slapped all of my posters to cover this machine from head to toe.

At 3:29, I finished.

60 seconds later, people ran to this machine in confusion to read, “Vote for Andy, to see your candy.”

I demonstrated placement, proper wording, as well as a simple slogan that they can remember.

I ended up winning and serving for two years.


Flash forward to today, people send *me* their goals, I organize them into a succinct pitch, and turn that into a video.

I do this because I am so invested in the digital pitch.

I know how important it is for a stranger to see your dream and connect to it without even seeing you.

Do you remember how you started?



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