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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Branding from videos and video productions, oldfarmproductions

What the heck is a brand guide anyway?

So here's a situation: You start a business selling frosted healthy donuts online.

How do you know what colors to use?

What your goals should be?

Who your customers are?

And what tone of voice you should use to speak to them?

Ah that's where brand guides come in. A BG (brand guide) is a document that has everything about who your brand is from A-Z. Colors, mission, vision, strengths, how to use your logo, what fonts and so on.

This is so key to use because if you nail this, you know who your customers are, how to speak directly to them in an effective way.

Now with your frosted healthy donut business how can a brand guide help?

You can give the brand guide to your photographer, and they'll know how to capture your frosty treats.

Give it to your web development team, and they'll know how to design your site with ease.

Your social media team, they'll know what images to post, and what not to post.

Give it to your sales team, and now they have the proper language on how to pitch your donuts the right way.

It's a playbook for everybody on your team.

Start out right with a brand guide.

Oh, did we mention that we do brand guides for businesses?

We do, we do!

Contact us to learn more information about this.

Are we any good?

Well, not to brag, but Old Farm Productions has been recognized by one of the best branding companies by

So there's that.



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