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"Kobe Bryant" Nike Commercial 2006

#KobeBryant Nike Commercial 2006 - A #ReBranding Ad People don't remember, but Kobe was hated most of his career, and in 2006, this was when it all began to change. If you're not familiar, when #MichaelJordan retired in 1999, there was nobody who could fill those shoes in terms of star power. Let's just say, there was nobody #likeMike. Kobe came around with his swagger, his anger, his fire, and if you weren't a Lakers fan, chances are, you didn't like him. I was one of those people who couldn't stand the guy. But then I saw this commercial and it changed my perception. This is a #rebranding commercial. What did it do? 1. It accepted the reality of how the world perceives his brand. "They hate my game, my jump shot, my swagger." So what did #Nike do? They reframed that hatred and showed it in a different light. Nike called out all the hatred and said that, "All the reasons that you hate me are the same reasons that people love me." There's a famous quote, "You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something that you love or hate about yourself." After this, Kobe became one of the most respected athletes in history. Do you know of any good rebranding ads that I should know about? Do you remember this one?

- Andy Mizrahi



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