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"I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" Ad Campaign

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I was sold. Were you?

Apple's, "Get a Mac" (2006-09) campaign is an all time advertising hall of famer.

In the 90's, Mac's were getting dominated by the PC. PC was everywhere, all the #Macintosh had was a different colors.

When they rehired #SteveJobs, #Mac had a roaring comeback.

They wanted to show exactly who their customer is and exactly who their customer is not.

Apple hired Justin Long, an actor to help the Mac look young, #creative, and simple, where the PC was to look stiff, overly business like, and full of problems, played by a nerdy guy in a suit.

By humanizing the two different companies with an actual person acting these businesses out, they were able to give the audience a clear definition of who they are.

This is a a golden example of #branding, #humor, and #simplicity.

When I saw this, I was sold.

Did you *also* get your #first Mac when these aired (2006-2009?)



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