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"Come Together" Wes Anderson 2016- Ad Campaign

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

What do you get when #WesAnderson directs #adrianbrody in a #ChristmasCommercial and uses a #JohnLennon song?

You get a colorful, vintage, soulful ad that touches you, regardless of your religion.

I'm Jewish and we don't celebrate Christmas, but something about these holiday specials are universally heartwarming: a room full of people loving each other translates in all ages and religion.

This was an ad for H&M in 2016.

Why does this work?

- H&M is a brand that's fast fashion, the clothing is low priced and has short life span. Pairing it with a timeless director and infusing it into a vintage setting, puts their clothing in a universe that seems to be frozen in time.

It's sentimental, captures the spirit of Christmas, and has the H&M branding slipped in a casual way, not in such an overt manner.

It makes you want to watch the story first, share it with others second, and then realize this is an ad that you shared with your friends.

I think this is my favorite Holiday ad. What's yours?


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