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Step 3

Organize shots

Organize Shots

Now that we captured footage, we want to organize our shots on our computers so it's ready to be cut together. 


We will be going through your footage and labeling each shot, scene by scene to make it easier to work with. 


Timeline Placement

Then, we'll begin placing your footage on our timeline. It will be reflecting what our storyboard, script and best takes call for. 

Time placement
Match storyboard

Match Script To Storyboard 

We'll now be matching our shots that we captured on the camera, and to match our script and storyboard. 



We find appropriate royalty free music that matches the goal and style of our video.

Voice over

If your video calls for it, we find an appropriate voice over artist to match the energy, actor, and style of the video. 



After we're done putting your video together, we place your logo in the video in an appropriate and stylish way. 

Animation graphics

Animation Graphics 

If your video needs animation, graphics to pop in, we create them for you to help sell your message better. 

Voice Over



After using all of these tools from pre production, a shoot day, and post production, we deliver your video to you as a downloadable file so you can share it with the world.

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