• Andy Mizrahi

How Many Topics Should Be in Your Video? (One or Many?)

Updated: Jan 10

Congrats, you decided to work up the courage to make content for your business.

A video, an article, something that will promote your business in a snazzy way. Everybody likes a good snazz.

In your enormous excitement, you want to get the most of this opportunity. I mean, you are sharing yourself with your network.

QUESTION: "Should you make one content (video/article/post) about a lot of different topics, or should you have minor videos that are focused on one topic each?"

Which is more effective?

THE ANSWER? Mini focused topics, all the way.

1) If you have one focus, you can build on by giving examples, and making sure your audience fully understands your point.

2) This will also enable easier sharability, because it's one piece of information that you are looking for.

3) This will be more affordable. You can budget out smaller videos as you go to coincide with your budget.

The internet is structured like a big library. And everything is categorized as such. Make sure your topic is findable by sticking to one piece of information at a time.

Does this make sense to you, can you hear me, is this thing on?


Written By Andy Mizrahi, CEO of Old Farm Productions

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